A few words about me...

Born and raised in Salford, within the North West of England, my interest in photography initially began as a child, using film and disposable cameras. In my late teenage years and with the growing popularity of digital cameras, my interest increased significantly and it wasn't long before I purchased my first digital SLR camera.

In the years that have followed, I have developed and practised my skills using a hands-on and research supported self-taught approach. With a passion for the automotive and motorsport worlds, this allowed me the perfect opportunity to combine my interests, whilst providing an ideal and fast-paced environment in which to learn.

Now residing in the suburbs of Cheshire with my family, I continue to apply my skills in the fields of automotive and motorsport photography. However, with an increasing passion for photographing people, I have also established myself as a successful and hard working photographer in wedding and portrait photography.

I have worked with a number of corporate clients, had my work published in internationally distributed motoring publications and established myself as the official photographer for a major and increasingly popular annual UK motor show. I am available to cover national events and assignments, as well as those located in the North West of England.

Samples of my favorite work can be found within the Portfolio section of my website. An online gallery and shop is also available displaying a wider selection of my work, as well as some of the assignments I have covered. To discuss or give feedback on any of my work or to enquire about my availability, please use the "Contact Me" form.